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Who We Are and What We Do


WH Smith Construction Ltd. has been a leader in commercial, industrial and residential construction since 1972. We are a unique and competent team of dedicated professionals whose credentials and expertise will assure you of a worry-free project. Smith Construction has 10 years’ experience in the asbestos abatement field, and 47 years’ experience as a general contractor. In that time, we have been recognized as an experienced and qualified contractor with a commitment to safety and excellence in our workmanship.


At WH Smith Construction Ltd., our clients receive comprehensive, safe solutions to their asbestos abatement problems. General supervisors and all on site superintendents have completed the necessary certificate courses mandated for hazardous substance abatement and disposal. All our onsite workers receive extensive job training and are experienced in working with asbestos containing material.


WH Smith Construction Ltd. provides transparent and budget conscious consulting for proposed construction projects. We work with different suppliers, sub trades, architects and engineering firms, and are adept at coordinating all the moving parts of a construction project, ensuring schedules are met and materials arrive on site as planned. We aim at seamless workflow and clear communication to achieve efficient and effective work, which means your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.


WH Smith Construction Ltd. is fully bondable and carries liability insurance for asbestos abatement. We have never failed to honor a quote and have never been ejected from a jobsite. At WH Smith Construction Ltd. we pride ourselves on the reputation we have built, and we strive to maintain it. Let our expertise work for you.


For more information on our business, contact us today.

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